Elderflower Farmhouse Ale

ABV = Alcohol By Volume. The higher this number is means how much alcohol the drink contains.

5.0 %

IBU = International Bitterness Units. This is a scale of bitterness from 0 to 100. Bitterness is perceived differently by people and the IBU number shows the general direction: the higher the IBU, the more bitterness the beer contains.


OG = Original gravity. It is indicated in the form of a three- or four-digit number, by which amateurs determine whether the beer is dense or not.

12 °P

EBC = (European Brewing Convention) - brewing standards on European level established by the convention of European brewers. This abbreviation mainly refers to the intensity of the malt color.


Farmhouse Ale is a farmer's ale, a type of saison style originating from Wallonia, a French-speaking part of Belgium. "Farmhouse" is a heavily fermented dry ale with a fruity and spicy aroma and mild malt flavour.
Keller Holz's Elderflower Farmhouse Ale is a farmer's ale brewed with elderflowers, confering the beer a distinctive flavour.