Keller Holz


The Kellers company, established in 1997, was the first Moldovan microbrewery that offered a glimpse of the incredible world of craft brewing and introduced the Moldovan consumer to a completely new, trendy craft beer brewed by using technologically advanced equipment.

In the spring of 2021, after the rebranding of Keller Holz, the company set a new milestone in the craft revolution in Moldova - with new quality, a wide range of products and a large-scale promotion of the modern culture of beer consumption. With the support of Caspary, the world’s largest manufacturer of brewing equipment and a leader in brewing technology, we have raised investment from Austria and built a new, cutting-edge brewery in an ecologically clean location in the village of Budesti.

Keller Holz Gastropub – a new place in downtown Chisinau has become our visit card, where signature gastronomy and excellent craft beer are combined in a unique way.

Keller Holz beer boutiques are located in all districts of Chisinau, and the sales assistants have been trained and instructed by a beer sommelier. Beer is stored in boutiques in refrigerated coolers at an optimal temperature, and this guarantees its constant freshness and quality.

It’s hard to imagine beer without delicious food. We invite you to taste craft sausages, juicy burgers, tender wraps, spicy woks and much more at our own Wurst cafe chain. We make our own sausages from natural farm meat using professional equipment and bake buns in our own bakery; this means that we guarantee quality, excellent taste and good mood.

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