ABV = Alcohol By Volume. The higher this number is means how much alcohol the drink contains.

5.6 %

IBU = International Bitterness Units. This is a scale of bitterness from 0 to 100. Bitterness is perceived differently by people and the IBU number shows the general direction: the higher the IBU, the more bitterness the beer contains.


OG = Original gravity. It is indicated in the form of a three- or four-digit number, by which amateurs determine whether the beer is dense or not.

13 °P

EBC = (European Brewing Convention) - brewing standards on European level established by the convention of European brewers. This abbreviation mainly refers to the intensity of the malt color.


Pilsner is a historically important beer style. All modern lagers owe their popularity to this style. It was first brewed in the early 1870s in Pilsen, and it has successfully conquered the world for the next 100 years. Pilsner is a clear, refreshing and drinkable lager. It has a moderate malt aroma, pronounced hop bitterness with notes of fresh grass and fruit. It pairs ideally with meat, oily fish and spicy food, which must be washed down with plenty of liquid.