ABV = Alcohol By Volume. The higher this number is means how much alcohol the drink contains.

<0.5 %

IBU = International Bitterness Units. This is a scale of bitterness from 0 to 100. Bitterness is perceived differently by people and the IBU number shows the general direction: the higher the IBU, the more bitterness the beer contains.


OG = Original gravity. It is indicated in the form of a three- or four-digit number, by which amateurs determine whether the beer is dense or not.

6.5 °P

EBC = (European Brewing Convention) - brewing standards on European level established by the convention of European brewers. This abbreviation mainly refers to the intensity of the malt color.


Alcohol-free naturally fermented beer. For preparing this beer we use special yeast with a low degree of fermentation, the German version of Cascade hops and, for full flavor, we add a mixture of light and several special malts. The aroma has recognizable characteristic floral and spicy notes, a sweet malty flavor with appropriate bitterness and hop-characteristic opacity.