Keller Holz

Keller Holz

Austrian-Moldovan Brewing Company

Since 1997, we have been producing beer according to age-old traditions and classical technology in a new, cutting-edge brewery. We brew the highest quality craft beer using premium Weyermann malt from Germany and the most highest-tech equipment manufactured by Caspary.

We love what we do, so we can say with confidence that everyone can find a favorite style of Keller Holz craft beer, which will certainly leave an imprint on your life



Keller Holz Gastropub

This is the perfect place to enjoy real craft beer and signature gastronomy.

Our beer sommelier will help you get a taste and will reveal all the peculiarities of different styles of Keller Holz craft beer, while our chefs have collected the best recipes from all over the world and, based on them, have developed signature dishes and signature snacks that pair perfectly with different styles of beer

Keller Holz Boutique

This is our own chain of beer boutiques located in all districts of Chisinau.

We provide ideal storage conditions for beer, consistent quality and taste.


In the Wurst cafe chain you can eat tasty, fast-cooked and inexpensive food

Our chefs, professional equipment, our own meat shop and bakery – all this is a guarantee of the highest quality of Wurst craft meat products. Juicy burgers, tender wraps, and Keller Holz craft beer will impress everyone





The Kellers company, established in 1997, was the first Moldovan microbrewery that offered a glimpse of the incredible world of craft brewing and introduced the Moldovan consumer to a completely new, trendy craft beer brewed by using technologically advanced equipment.

In the spring of 2021, after the rebranding of Keller Holz, the company set a new milestone in the craft revolution in Moldova - with new quality, a wide range of products and a large-scale promotion of the modern culture of beer consumption. With the support of Caspary, the world’s largest manufacturer of brewing equipment and a leader in brewing technology, we have raised investment from Austria and built a new, cutting-edge brewery in an ecologically clean location in the village of Budesti.